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Culpeper's Herbal
Nicholas Culpeper worked as an herbal pharmacist, with extensive clinical experience in herbalism, and soundly criticized the medical elite for practicing on the basis of theoretical book learning rather than hands-on experience. His insights into the clinical use of many of the herbs remain valuable today. The information can be difficult to access, however, because the book is arranged by seventeenth century common plant names, and some of the astrological language of the book, understandable as a code for plant activity and organ affinity at the time, has been lost to the modern generations

See extensive textbooks at the sites of Michael Moore and Henriette Kress

David Hoffman's Health World Materia Medica

Gives overview of clinical use, along with constituents, names, etc. often quotes from Eclectic sources. Some entries contain extensive MEDLINE references. Search by common name

U.S. Pharmacopoeia

The U.S.P. has, for the first time since the early decades of the 20th century, begun to consider monographs on medicinal herbs. Several herbs have been considered. Although monographs have not been issued, due to a lack of controlled clinical trials, the USP reports are balanced and accurate. They contain useful information on dosage and side effects.

Herb-Drugs from Rinfocan

    A listing of fifty medicinal herbs, by common name, from a Canadian pharmaceutical site. In the european phytotherapy model.
Greive's Herbal

Plant & Herb Index Plant & Herb Index Search by common name only. Gives extensive European folkloric information for many herbs. Scant information for some. Also includes some information from British and U.S. pharmacopoeias and formularies and some usages from nineteenth century medicine.


New This site from Cuba is one of the best general materia medicas available on the web. Spanish language, search by Spanish common name.


Check out the materia medica listings and reviews in the bookstore.

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FIRST COURSE IN MEDICAL HERBALISM With Resources Kit. Learn 14 herbs, Make your own herbal medicines.

CLASSROOM EDUCATION Medical Herbalism. Advanced and Clinical Programs. Occupational Certification.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health and Harmony C