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Henriette's Herbal HomepageHenriette's Herbal Homepage

****Best of the Web**** Great collection of answers to common questions in medical herbalism, and links to outher resourc es, by Henriette Kress. Don't miss the Medicinal Herb FAQ. This site contains an amazing array of full-text online classic physician level herbal textbooks.

****Best of the Web****  Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and Michael Moore's Herbal Treasurehouse:

Best site for downloadable educational materials and for plant photos and drawings. Course information on Michael Moore's classes. Some highlights of this great resource site are compilations of information on Plant Constituents, a collection of Research Abstracts on various plants, and downloadable classic Eclectic works, including copies of Ellingwood's Therapeutist, and the full text of the botanicals listed in Felter's The Eclectic Materia Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Don't miss the listings for Michael Moore's books.

JIM MACDONALD'S herbal links.  Best of the Web for annotated links, and for categories such as were to buy herbs directly from wildcrafters and small companies.

HealthWorld Online Health World Materia Medica by David Hoffmann, M.H.I.M.H., with state-of-the-art constituent information, references to Physiomedicalist and Eclectic usages, and occasional MEDLINE references.

Jonathan Treasure's Herb Blog

In depth commentary, essays, and book reviews.


Herbnet is the best source or links to everything herbally related on the internet, with a thorough listing of schools and publications.

Howie Brounstein's Home Page is great gateway to many other herbal resources, including wildcrafting and botany links.

Michael Tierra's Planetherbs Online

Micheal Tierra's site, with product, course, and other information. Information on traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and much more.

Robyn's Recommended Reading

Excellent reviews of current herbal literature, including books, journals, videos, and software. Don't miss Robyn Klein's listing and review of worldwide herbal journals.

RYAN DRUM's site. Ryan main fame is about seaweeds and thyroid disease, which are sovered in depth with excellence at this site. He is also a complete herbalist with lots of experience, reflected in the other escellent articles here.

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