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Online medical and scientific journals

Free Online MEDLINE database of the National Library of Medicine. 

Karolinska Institute (Swedish National Medical Resource Library) The institute has the most extensive set of research, journal, and history of medicine links in the world. A must-visit for the medical researcher.

 Weekly Highlights and analysis of medical news.

THE LANCET is one of the world's most prestigious independent journal of general medicine. The Lancet does not have the bias against publishing well-designed trial of herbalism, clinical nutrition, or homeopathy that many other journals do.

New England Journal of Medicine Online Full text of many articles, with hyperlinked references, dating to 1995.

British Medical Journal Current issue and archives available, with many full text articles.

Journal of the American Medical Association.Most prestigious of the American conventional medical journals, and one of the most conservative about publishing botanical articles.

Annals of Internal Medicine, twice-monthly publication of the American College of Physicians

Medicine Online Links to many online medical journals.

The science journal Nature Medicine, with links to Nature

AGRICOLA AGRICOLA is a gigantic agricultural data base under the wing of the USDA and has over 3 million data entries. Many botanical research articles that MEDLINE misses can be found here.

Science NewsScience News Online

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CLASSROOM EDUCATION Medical Herbalism. Advanced and Clinical Programs. Occupational Certification.

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