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Plant Names Search

Search Common and Latin Names at Plants for a Future

Find authoritative botanical nomenclature at the Missouri Botanical Garden's Tropicos Database.
Grieves Modern Herbal

David Hoffman's Health World Materia Medica

    Search by Common name. Botanical name appears in monograph.



Dr. Daniel Moerman's Ethnobotany Database  The definitive catalog of Native American uses.

USDA-ARS Ethnobotany Database

    Search by genus name. Species not required. Returns ethnobotanical uses for multiple species within the genus. Culture of origin not given. No references.



Greives Modern Herbal

    Plant & Herb Index Search by common name only. Gives extensive European folkloric information for many herbs. Scant information for some. Also includes some information from British and U.S. pharmacopoeias and formularies and some usages from nineteenth century medicine.



Expert Herbal Search. A selective google search engine put together by Paul Bergner. It only searches non-commercial sites edited by practicing clinical herbalists, and includes searches of more than a dozen herbal classic texts.

The best site to look through classic herbal one by one is Henriette Kress's site. More than twenty searchable texts

David Hoffman's Health World Materia Medica

    Search by Common name. Gives overview of clinical use, along with constituents, names, etc. often quotes from Eclectic sources. Some entries contain extensive MEDLINE references.

Michael Moore's Preparations, Dosages, and Therapeutics

You can download his herb pamphlets from his school or browse them online. If these were bound into one book, it would be an indipensable reference for contemporary herbalism. So get tham all and put them in a binder.

Herb-Drugs from Rinfocan

    A listing of fifty medicinal herbs, by common name, from a Canadian pharmaceutical site.


New This site from Cuba is one of the best general materia medicas available on the web. Spanish language, search by Spanish common name.



USDA-ARS Phytochemical Database

    Search by common name, Genus, Genus & species, activity, or constituent. Accepts partial plant names. Returns extensive constituent information in a vareity of formats. Full format gives constituent, all the known actions of that constituent, and references for each citation. Other search methods also available. Hang out with this DB and learn its features. It's the Rolls Royce of constituent information on the Web.


    From the UK. Has about 20,000 chemicals from 746 genera of plants. Search now.




    Free access to MEDLINE to the online database of the National Library of Medicine. Search by genus and common name for best results (i.e. "Achillea OR yarrow" in search field.) Search also by key constituents. Its worth taking you time to learn how to use this data base.


    Michael Moore's Master Genus Index combines all information from photographs to constituent lists to scientific abstracts in a single index, searchable by genus.

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