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Dr. Daniel Moerman's Ethnobotany Database  The definitive catalog of Native American uses.

Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary - Alphabetical listing by scientific name. Includes brief descriptions of usage and identifies cultures in which each plant is of interest.

Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases - Search plants by chemical, activity or ethnobotanical use. Includes list of browsable databases and rainforest information.

Native American Herbal, Plant Knowledge - Describes healing plants used by northern Plains Indians, including photos. Also contains links to databases, books, and teacher resources.

Minnesota Ethnobotany - Describes both food and medicinal uses of plants, listed alphabetically by scientific name.

Ethnobotany of the Middle Columbia River Native Americans - Traditional uses of native plants in central Washington state. Includes subsistence patterns, land use, fibers, textiles, and building materials.

By the Prophet of the Earth - Ethnobotany of the Pima - A complete online version of the original printed book by L.S.M. Curtin.

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Medical Herbalism. Introductory, Advanced, Clinical. CE Available.

FIRST COURSE IN MEDICAL HERBALISM With Resources Kit. Learn 14 herbs, Make your own herbal medicines.

CLASSROOM EDUCATION Medical Herbalism. Advanced and Clinical Programs. Occupational Certification.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health and Harmony C