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Folk Uses of Herbs

Grieve's Classic Modern Herbal lists extensive historical and folk uses for herbs in the British tradition. The online version is searchable by herb.

coverTrying to Give Ease : Tommie Bass and the Story of Herbal Medicine Vol 1. Herbal Medicine Past and Present : A Reference Guide to Medicinal Plants Vol 2 This two volume set is a scholarly study of Appalachian folk herbalism as seen in the practice of Tommie Bass, a prominent North Georgia herbalist. Complied in the 1980s, it shows influences from outside Appalachia. It remains a unique collection of hands-on observations by a practicing folk herbalist, with great value to the clinician. Bass helps to differentiate the relative clinical value of herbs in some catagories. The second volume is more useful as a reference to specific herbs.(for the medical folklorist) (for the general herbalist)

Life & Thymes of an Appalachian Herbalist  by Hassan Amjad, M.D.

This book is based on a personal encounter with one of the most notable herbalists of the Appalachian mountains, Clarence Frederick Gray, also known as "Mr. Catfish".

See also our page on Ethnobotany.

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