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Nervous: Insomnia treatment differentials

Paul Bergner

Medical Herbalism: 3(2):5

To prevent anxieties when insomnia feared: avena, passiflora, pulsatilla

With spasms, pain, nervous irritability, tachycardia: piscidia, viscum

Frequent waking with nightmares: cannabis

In atonic, debilitated states: cypripedium (endangered species), epipactis, valeriana

With muscular pain, agitation, “rheumatoid”: cimicifuga

From exhaustion following excitement: pedicularis, scutellaria

Wakefulness in chronic disorders: scutellaria

With strong, bounding pulse, bloodshot eyes: veratrum

With indigestion and epigastric fullness: humulus, matricaria

General, in asthenic individuals: cypripedium (endangered species), spipactis, hypericum, symplocarpus, valeriana

General, in sthenic individuals: avena, passiflora, scutellaria, verbena.

From Herbal Repertory in Clinical Practice by Michael Moore.
Copyright 2001 Paul Bergner    280